Regina Helm • Front Office

Meet Regina

Regina loves learning new things and getting people excited about the positive things she’s experienced. Regina’s passion for helping and inspiring others can be traced back to her days in junior high school at Cedar Rapids Prairie. She’s had a lifetime of philanthropic and career experiences that shine light on this passion, but to put an exclamation on this skill set, Regina’s selection as a recipient of Hy-Vee’s highest honor, (out of over 80,000 employees), says it all! Regina Helm, Hy-Vee’s Legendary Customer Service Award winner 2019. It’s this expertise and drive that make Regina a great fit for our business model and front office customer experience. Behind the scenes, Regina is our team’s Project Manager, where she puts to use her knowledge working for United Technologies Automotive as Continuous Improvement Manager.

Tops on her philanthropic agenda is the American Heart Association’s, Go Red for Women, Iowa City Chapter as Community Outreach and Education Chair.  Regina, (Gina Gustafson), has lived in Eastern Iowa for 48 years, so you may already know her. Regina has two daughters, Jaime and Erin, who she beams about with pride, as they went into careers that serve and mentor others. As for new endeavors, she is taking up long distance bicycling this summer, maybe you will see her on the trails. You will definitely see Regina and her smile at Total Health ChiropracTIC.

Please continue reading to learn the impact Total Health ChiropracTIC has had on Regina’s life.

After a lifetime of troublesome knees, it was a knee injury in 2020, that brought Regina to our office, and this is her story of how she came to be a member of our wellness team.  Regina’s knee injury landed her in a wheelchair, then crutches, then a cane, and although her physical therapy went well, she knew her body was not in its upright, nor walking without knee pain position, so she reached out and set-up a new patient appointment with us. Regina’s words, “I was so overwhelmed with the impactful physical results and positive office experience, which focused on the whole person, that I began talking with my spouse, Dave, about the next phase of my life, (semi-retirement) and how I wanted it to be directly helping others in a wellness environment. I floated the idea to Dr. Hammes, in case he might need someone on his team in the future and little did I know, the office was growing! I hung up my hat as the Human Resources manager at the North Dodge Hy-Vee, (you may still find me there helping in the floral department when needed), but my new home is in the chiropractic office that has kept my arches happy, ankles in alignment so my knees track as they are supposed to, and now I live with a pain free lower back! Finally learning that chronic pain does not have to be a part of my lifestyle!

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