Goal Setting

Goal Setting in Coralville, Iowa

You may be groaning, thinking, “Ugggh setting goals, I hate goals!” Whereas, I’m thinking, “Yay, let’s set some goals!” Setting goals is easy for some people and hard for others. Why is this? I think it all depends on your perspective of goals and why they exist. 


Some of us have the perspective of goals being these huge pipe dreams that we are unlikely to achieve. We go through life hearing stories of these amazing people like Olympic athletes or millionaires who had huge obstacles to overcome and they do it. When we are thinking of goals like this, it makes it really daunting to think about setting goals because “a goal” is defined in this category of 1% achievable.   


Goals are important because they guide your path forward. Have you ever sat there wishing you could do what someone else did successfully? They did it because they chose something they wanted and you can too! 


Once they made that decision it put them on a path of moving forward. Our goals act like the sun in the sky, guiding us in which direction to go. You can ask yourself the question when making tough decisions, “does this help move me towards my goal or away from it?” Because our goals are guiding us, they also help us keep focused on the prize. When you feel stuck or like you are not being productive, you can review your goals and it will help you refocus. 


When we achieve a goal, no matter how small it is, we are inspired to achieve more! We feel empowered because we made a decision to chase after something and we caught it. If we don’t set goals, how do we know we made it to the finish line? 


If you think long and hard about your life, anything you’ve achieved, big or small, started with the idea in your head, “hey I’d like to do this…..”. That’s simple proof that you’ve set a goal. So if you’re a person who doesn’t think of themselves as a goal setter, set up an appointment with me and let’s change your mindset!


“Amy helped me identify ways to gradually decrease the amount of processed sugar in my diet by cutting down on high sugar foods (especially pop) and adding healthier options. I never felt deprived and now have far fewer cravings for sweets.” -Shelley

”Around 9 months ago I reached out to Amy because I felt like I was out of control. I have a stressful job as a school administrator and I was honestly living on caffeine and sugar. I was so tired! I was absolutely exhausted every day after work and I was gaining weight. Amy recommended changes in my diet. It’s not been an easy road, but I have eliminated sugar – especially candy and Diet Coke and I’ve replaced my treats with my healthier choices like greek yogurt and water! My energy is coming back and I am feeling so much more in-control of my diet, my body and my life.” -Sue

”Amy helped me implement some easy strategies that dramatically decreased my sugar intake and helped me increase my energy! The best part was I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself and I’ve been able to keep up with the changes I made over time!” -Carey


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