Lisa Lackman • Chiropractic Assistant


Meet Lisa

Lisa Lackman is a chiropractic assistant and also a patient here at Total Health Chiropractic. After years of searching for the right chiropractor, Lisa was finally able to get relief from chronic migraines and joint pain with the help of Dr. Dillon Hammes. She loves seeing others find that same relief here at Total Health Chiropractic. “It is so gratifying seeing patients who feel like they have gotten their life back.”

One day while talking to Dr. Dillon during an adjustment, Lisa decided to make a career change and join the Total Health Chiropractic team. Lisa has lived in Coralville for the last fifteen years, since her family was relocated from Illinois with her husband Bob’s company.  Lisa has two college-aged children, a daughter Kirby and a son Spencer. Lisa’s family is completed with two ADORABLE puppies, Gordy and Gatsby, with whom she loves to spend her free time.


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